The SigmaMRP software acts as a basic CRM system for you to manage your active and previous customers. Within the software, you will be able to find active jobs and the ordering customers quickly in order to communicate and track the jobs more effectively.

A complete company and contact database allows you to store details of all your clients, suppliers, and partners in a single company-wide database.

SigmaMRP™ stores all details in a single, centralized database that prevents you from re-typing details every time you communicate, quote, or invoice a customer. Store every interaction in a single database for your business – a complete 360 degree view.

Link your calendar, past communications, emails, and any electronic file directly onto your contacts, never losing information again. See contact purchases, quotes, and orders at a glance.

Contacts Module inside SigmaMRP
With the marketing & analysis module, we can create and manage campaigns directly inside SigmaMRP


Marketing helps you to generate leads, manage your marketing, and close new business.

Marketing campaigns may have any number of stages, and you have complete analysis of how effective each marketing campaign is, along with complete campaign profitability analysis.

Any quotation or job can be linked to a marketing campaign so not only can you track responses to your marketing campaigns; you can track jobs quoted, and even profitability by marketing campaign for jobs won.

A campaign can have any number of stages, and can also be linked to a mail merge, export or email merge.

  • Easy to use & manage marketing tools.
  • Create and manage multi-stage marketing campaigns.
  • Use powerful search tools to select and target contacts within your database producing target lists.
  • Create document templates and mail merge using Microsoft Word™.
  • Produce export lists for external marketing companies and email services.
  • Use the profitability dashboard to track enquiries, quotes and jobs against marketing campaigns.
  • Analysis historical campaign data to help you plan new campaigns.
The target selection screen allows you to select contacts that you have in your system and integrate them into your marketing campaigns

Create & Manage Campaigns

Campaigns have a number of stages, and you move the customers and prospects through those stages until the campaign is complete.

Stages could be a mailshot followed by a follow up call, followed by an email.

Campaigns always have a profitability dashboard showing quotes and orders generated by the campaign.

Manage target Lists

Your customer and prospect database are used to provide ‘targets’ for your marketing campaign.
Using powerful search tools you can fine tune who you are sending marketing messages to and target exactly the right people.

Once targets are selected they can be added to any stage of a campaign.

Inside SigmaMRP, the shared calendar module makes it easy to keep track of important jobs across your shop


SigmaMRP has a comprehensive multi-user calendar database built into the product.

One view of everyone’s activities within the business linked to contacts, quotes, jobs and purchase orders allows you to better manage both internal and external communications.

Keeping up customer communications is the essence of good customer relationship management (CRM). It enables professional follow up by anyone within the organization.

Activities such as sales calls, customer and supplier notes, meetings and to-do events can all be stored with optional reminders that pop-up on screen.


SigmaMRP makes sure you are never short on material. Not only can you track full sheets according to material, thickness, and job, but you can organize your remnants to get the most out of your inventory. Don’t waste valuable material due to disorganized operations, instead, efficiently use remnants to run jobs for a greater return on investment. This is UNIQUE to our industry – we are the only MRP system that has this.

Bigger than other MRP systems because it is designed around SigmaNEST. SigmaMRP has the unique capability for technical analysis, test certificates of chemicals make it easy to trace material.


Managing stock inside SigmaMRP is simple with the Stock Management module
SigmaMRP allows you to see jobs with SigmaNEST parts directly inside SigmaMRP
  • Use unique quote / job reference numbers with full revision control.
  • Set Delivery and Invoice addresses that may be different to the quotation address.
  • Accurate pricing direct from products and assemblies.
  • Job tracking with barcode technology.
  • Allocate stock to jobs.
  • Produce professional, consistent documentation and internal works orders.
  • Email or fax documents directly without the need for printing via built-in PDF writer.
  • Management reporting on profitability.
  • Produce quotes for even the most complex parts in seconds.
  • Pricing wizards for the fabrication industry.



SigmaMRP makes quoting easy, accurate, and competitive. Used in conjunction with SigmaNEST’s QuoteNesting, you can track quotes for future and previous jobs, giving you quick access for repeat and comparable orders. Functionality for API integration to manage credit limits for customers to evaluate orders with. Invoicing has never been more streamlined as SigmaMRP tracks all invoices through your accounting operations, making sure you know what cut, unloaded, and shipped.

The jobs module gives you a single place within your business where all enquiries, work in progress and historical orders are kept. Furthermore jobs can be fully tracked through your production process, giving up to the minute status of any order within your business.

Jobs fully track costs, sales prices and margins, giving you full profitability reporting at a glance.

SigmaMRP allows you to import SigmaNEST quotes directly

Whether you invoice your customers or use another method of payment, it is important to keep track of all transactions and monetary documents. With SigmaMRP, you can invoice customers, sync the lists of your customers and vendors for easy tracking, and complete accounts receivable functions. This is not just for your customers; SigmaMRP acts as a database of orders for which you are the customer. From production material to routine business expenses, you can track your spending and payment history.



Quoting is time consuming, pricing fluctuates, and keeping track of discounting can be pure chaos. Within SigmaMRP, you can take advantage of QuoteNesting. This feature lets you take more control over the quotes you give, the discounts given, and the fluctuations of each from to job to job. Within Quote Nesting, you can enter in detailed information and special instructions including additional processes needed for a job and any sub-contracting/RFQ management.

Take advantage of QuoteNesting and you will see an even bigger competitive edge when you bid on jobs. The quickness and accuracy of the quotes will enable you to get your quote to the potential customer as soon as possible, substantially increasing the chance that you will win the job.

Purchase orders can be accessed easily inside the purchasing module of SigmaMRP


SigmaMRP is a multi-functional tool that serves to consolidate all of your shop floor functions into one solution. Purchase orders no longer need to be taken from office to the shop floor and lost in inefficient stacks of papers. Instead, the quote is given, the order is placed, and now the job is sent to the shop floor, all electronically. This saves you time, the headache of excess papers, and is more easily tracked from beginning to end.

A comprehensive purchasing system allows complete management of the purchasing process.

Purchase orders are fully integrated with stock and jobs modules, allowing a complete audit trail of purchases within your business. Automated follow-ups and tracking dates allow you to effectively chase supplier deliveries.


Flexible costing and deliveries

As purchasing is linked with the products module, flexible costing options are available to you to ensure you always get agreed prices.

Deliveries are fully tracked by staff booking in directly from purchase orders, ensuring all deliveries are received correctly, including under and over delivered items.

A range of management reports are available for purchase orders.


Smart purchasing
Smart purchasing saves you both time and money by suggesting purchases which should be made.

Smart purchasing looks at both current stock on hand, and outstanding jobs and suggests purchases for any number of sales orders.

Smart purchasing is only suggested ordering, from one screen you are free to make changes to the quantities or items on the orders.


The production scheduling module lets you see at a glance what jobs are planned and scheduled.

Manage jobs as they are work in progress on the shop floor via a complete bar code management system. Tracking can be done by job, part or works order operation allowing you to manage the level of detail suitable for your business.

Drag and drop Gantt charts allow visual rescheduling of jobs and operations to allow you to be as flexible as possible when responding to changing requirements and customer needs.

Instantly see what jobs are planned, unplanned or work in progress.

Plan your production more efficiently inside SigmaMRP with the Production Planning module
This assembly has multiple SigmaNEST parts inside it


The assembly module is a complete but simple to use product configurator. Any kind of part can be configured and costs, prices and works orders and even changing stock requirements can be configured.

Far more than just a bill of materials, it’s designed from the ground up to be able to build the most complex of parts.

When adding items to quotations users can simply be asked a serial of questions about the assembly, such as what material, what finish, and what final sizes and all prices, costs and material requirements are worked out behind the scenes. All this allows you to cost very complex assemblies in seconds rather than hours.


A fully integrated suite of barcoding and shop floor data capture is integrated right into the heart of the software.

You can track and manage a jobs progress through your shop floor with as much detail as your business needs.

Barcoding is supported for managing progress at the job level, component level or even the operation level.

Shop Floor Data Capture allows you to see your work orders easily across your shop
Sheet Transfer inside SigmaMRP


SigmaLift is a shop floor application used to change the location of SigmaNEST sheets and remnants. It runs well on a tablet which can be mounted on a forklift or carried around the shop.

SigmaLift helps track sheets and remnants to their actual location and thereby facilitate organized shop floor operations and save time.

  • Remnants to Stock – Move remnants from the machine to a stock location.
  • To Processing – Move sheets or remnants from a stock location to the machine.
  • To Transfer – Move a sheet or remnant from one stock location to a different stock location.
  • To Charter – Move packages created in SigmaPack that are ready to get dispatched.


SigmaPack is a shop floor packing application used to track and manage orders internally and dispatch them from the shop floor.

• Generate Dispatch Notes on the Shop Floor.
• Keep track of part quantities that have been processed and on which pallet they are.
• Facilitates using less paper on the shop floor.
• Label printing for packages.
• Touch-screen compatible.
• Shows images of processed parts.
• Easy to use: Learn in minutes, not hours.

After creating a dispatch inside SigmaPack, we can see details about orders in the work queue, being packages, as well as dispatched orders

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